Isur Servicios Eléctricos, S.L.
Isur Servicios Eléctricos, S.L.


Isur bases it activities on ethical business practices, respect for its clients and a commitment to act in a responsible and sustainable manner in order to respect our natural environment, and create wealth and well-being for clients, society in general and our own team.

Commitments, directives and general goals related to environmental management are established that apply to the entire organization. These are our commitments:

  • Customized project for each client.

  • Compliance with all standards and regulations currently in effect.

  • Detailed reports to the client.

  • Quality Service.

  • Commitment to openness.

  • Establish permanent training programmes in order to have a highly qualified staff at our disposal to perform the activities required for comprehensive management.

  • Involve, motivate and make a commitment to our personnel to encourage their participation in conceiving, developing and carrying out actions and activities that impact the ongoing improvement of service to our clients.

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